When an engineer aboard the UNS Genesis research station is found dead, a team of special soldiers is sent in to investigate their only suspect: the station's rogue A.I., IRIS. The challenges they face will grow more and more difficult as they work their way deeper into the facility, and learn what they can about the events surrounding the death.

IRIS is a brand new type of co-op tactics roguelike that you can play locally with your friends on the AirConsole platform. Up to 4 players venture through the dangerous floors of the UNS Genesis station, using planning and strategy to out-maneuver and destroy the enemies they face. Each victory makes the players stronger as they earn new upgrades, weapons, and special items to use in combat.

Will they make it through and learn the truth, or succumb to the mysterious virus?


4 Player Local Co-op

Endless, procedurally-generated levels

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